Leadership and Governance

The Navigators of New Zealand is an Incorporated Society governed by a Board.  The Society is run as a not-for-profit organisation and has been granted charitable status (Charity Number CC11416).

The Navigators of NZ is part of the Worldwide Partnership of The Navigators. Although the Navigators of NZ is an independent organisation that has no official legal ties to the International Navigators, we choose to work closely and align ourselves with this international movement and to seek to live out the Vision and Values that we share with other Navigator movements around the world.

For more information on the Navigators around the world, click here.

Our Navigator staff work to support, encourage and develop the people in the movement so that, together, we are working out the vision on the ground.  The Navigator staff are financially supported by donations from those who want to partner with us to see the vision realised. Some of these donations come from Churches and Trusts, but the majority comes from individuals.

We are accountable to our National Board and led by our National Leadership Team.


National Board

Mike Paine (Chairperson) – Wellington
Simon Cayzer (National Director) – Palmerston North
John MacClure (Navs Office Administrator)  –  Christchurch
Alistair McNaughton – Auckland
Jill Robertson – Paeroa
Colin Eason –  Christchurch

National Leadership Team

Simon Cayzer – Palmerston North
Sharon Paine -Wellington
Liana Flanagan – Wellington
Tim and Leah Simpson – Christchurch
Brian and Amy Wachter – Auckland