Auckland Uni Update

Today I caught up with Andy and Kathryn Iversen. For the last four years, they have been leading the Auckland University Navs work, and by the time you read this, they will have completed their work here and will have left the country to return home to the USA.

Andy and Kathryn arrived as an answer to prayer. They worked hard to learn the Kiwi culture, they sacrificially laid the foundations for another generation of Navigator Auckland Uni students, and they leave having won the hearts of students who will always be grateful for Andy and Kathryn’s investment into their lives.iv

At our National Gathering I interviewed them and asked them for highlights of their time here in New Zealand. Both responded by talking about specific people they had invested in. And it warmed my heart! In The Navigators, we are convinced that the Gospel is passed from life to life, and so in the midst of everything else we do, we seek to invest deeply in the lives of real people with real names and addresses. Andy and Kathryn did this in Auckland, and I am so grateful to the Lord and to them for doing this.

Although we would love to have had the Iversens stay longer, together we came to the conclusion that it was the right thing for them to return to the US, where Andy will do further study at a Theological College. And so now the work at Auckland Uni is being picked up by a new generation: Tim (NZ Navs Intern), Henrietta (Auckland Uni Graduate), Sam and Kristina (iEDGErs) will lead the work going forward, under the guidance of Brian and Amy Wachter. I’m excited to see what the Lord will do through them and their steps of faith.

Our work is built on people sacrificially give of themselves to share life and faith with those around them. This was the example Jesus gave us, it’s the example Andy and Kathryn followed, and it’s the only way to truly live. May you experience the Lord’s love and life as you sacrificially give of yourself to others in the year ahead.



Glen Morris
National Director
The Navigators of New Zealand