Called to Your Neighbourhood

A four-point action plan to build a faithful presence in your neighbourhood

These ideas are prayer prompts for starting something new or needing encouragement and refreshment in an existing situation. Do it together with a friend if it feels daunting or take one section. 


  • Consider your surroundings. Where do you visit frequently? Which neighbours do you already have a close relationship with? Who is in your circle of friends/activities/schools?
  • Do you have any other followers of Christ in your area you could team with?
  • Begin to walk and pray in your neighbourhood


  • Find a mentor/supporter to pray together and ask questions/glean info
  • Consider asking a few others to be intentional in their neighbourhoods (define what that means) and then encourage and hold each other accountable
  • Consider if there’s a “person of peace”- someone interested in talking about faith. Pray for this and pursue friendship with this person
  • Be prepared to share the good news of the gospel


  • Find a routine that works to build community (e.g., weekly run/walk, biweekly dinners, games night, block party, etc.)
  • Consider who might like to help host as well.
  • Encourage and maintain accountability with other believers committed to this vision.


  • Consider your purpose. Is it to build relationships; is it gospel-based?
  • If gospel-centred, then come up with an action plan—read the Bible together, host meals, talk about faith questions, and invite others to Christian events already happening.
  • If building relationships based, make time/space to ask questions and serve/love them.
  • It takes time. Revisit your purpose often and see if the vision aligns with the outcome.
  • What resources do you need? Who can help you with these?
  • Above all else, speak of your faith. Share your story, pray for others, and be intentional.

Closing reflection: I was drawn to the question about what resources we felt we needed, and an area that we find particularly challenging in our neighbourhood group popped up in our minds. We were reminded that we could ask God to help us, plus intentionally pray together with someone else. We could also share our concerns with a mentor and look to God’s word for guidance.