Equipped to Go

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Ideas to help you pass on your faith and equip you as a Labourer for God wherever He has placed you.

Simon Cayzer is the National Director of the Navigators of NZ, providing leadership and oversight of the various Navigator gospel ministries in Aotearoa.

How strong are my convictions?

by Kyla Horne

Earlier this month I visited friends living in Indonesia. For over 40 years Peter has intentionally shared the Good News about God with people around him. Peters’ love for people and his passion to share the Good News caused me to reflect on the strength of my convictions. Key bible verses and a mentor inspired […]

I Will Be With You

by Tim Simpson

“I will be with you” is the ultimate response to our concern; “I can’t do this?” Have you said or thought; “There must be someone else, someone more experienced, more intelligent, more eloquent.” I will be with you reveals the truth that it’s not about who I am that makes the difference, it’s who goes […]