Equipped to Go

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Ideas to help you pass on your faith and equip you as a Labourer for God wherever He has placed you.

Simon Cayzer is the National Director of the Navigators of NZ, providing leadership and oversight of the various Navigator gospel ministries in Aotearoa.

Daring to Share

If you are like me it takes courage to talk about Jesus, even a small comment that identifies us with Christ. We are in good company. The Apostle Paul reflected to the Thessalonians that it was with help from God that he ‘dared’ to tell them the Good News about Jesus. I think the danger for me is […]

How strong is your anchor?


Anchors hold boats in position and become especially important when conditions deteriorate. We all find ourselves in uncertain times and in need of something firm and secure to be anchored to. The writer of Hebrews tells us we have an anchor for our souls that goes right into heaven and into God’s presence. This anchor is not affected […]

Reflecting and praying the Psalms

Where is your strength and encouragement coming from at this time? Listening to the news keeps me informed of Covid-19 developments, being in the bible connects me with God’s help and perspective. I am finding the Psalms to be a rich source of encouragement and stimulation in my relationship with God.  When threatened the Psalmist takes refuge in God. One of the ways David expresses this […]

A thousand times better

One day with God is better than a thousand elsewhere. This idea motivated me to invest two days praying and listening to God in January. The amount of time is not as important as the intention to focus on God. The writers of the Psalms reveal their solid belief that knowing and experiencing God is the source of […]

Pray and Play

During a recent visit to New Zealand Al Engler, who works in Seattle with the Navigators, introduced us to ‘pray and play’. Al shared a story of going to party with a group of young friends to illustrate this idea. Before heading out to the party in fancy dress costumes, the small group prayed for the party […]

Mercy or religion

I’ve recently been inspired by Jesus’ encounter with Matthew and his tax collector friends.1 Given the animosity between Jews and tax collectors it’s amazing that Matthew appears perfectly comfortable joining Jesus and his group of followers. What was it about Jesus and the community he was forming that made Matthew feel welcome? When Matthew throws a party Jesus seems […]

Lessons from the Sheep Pen

The attentiveness of shepherding has become more clear to me this year with our ewes and lambs needing extra care and help. On many days this has meant feeding animals four times a day and administering medication. One of our lambs, and possibly the mother, would not have survived without assistance at birth. Juliet and I […]

Our Daily Need to Know God’s Love

I grew up knowing I was loved. This was communicated through countless small actions and at times given voice in heart felt expressions of love. Once I left home I realised how significant this was. One of the few times the Father was audibly heard speaking to Jesus was a declaration of love, “This is […]

The Place of Being Intentional

As I flew home I was thinking about this blog and being intentional as an everyday worker for Jesus. I had exchanged pleasantries with the person I was sitting next to and we had both settled into relaxing after being away for work. As I thought about being intentional, I felt challenged about engaging with the person […]

In your light we see light

Friends have expressed shock, anxiety, pain and anger to the terrorist attacks in Christchurch. What does this mean for the future? God’s Spirit and God’s Word are both a comfort and a “compass” in situations like this, orientating us to God and his promises. It’s sobering to think that the shooter believed his actions were […]