Connecting with God

‘Connecting with God’ is the first trait in a booklet I am reading called ‘The five traits of a Christ-follower’. I like how one of the authors describe Jesus visiting Martha and Mary, “Mary and Martha and Jesus were all in the same place, but only Mary was with Jesus.”

I discovered something new about connecting with God recently from an unlikely place, a horse course that Juliet was participating in. One evening during the course the instructor, Tori, offered a public demonstration which Juliet and I went along to. Tori demonstrated levels of connection with her horse and shared her own journey of seeing connection as a primary purpose in life. She described how horses can anticipate what you want them to do and respond to your requests as if on auto pilot. If you have been on a horse trek you have probably experienced a horse on auto pilot.

Tori went on to relate this idea of connection to her relationships with people and God. She noticed how she would sometimes relate without the intention to really connect. It wasn’t hard for me to see how I do this in my relationships, including with God. For me this can occur when I relate to God and people primarily around ideas and in familiar patterns. Two things I am trying are being more ‘present’ to God and people, and pondering a little longer on Scripture and in prayer in order to hear God with my mind and heart.

For reflection
As you reflect on loving and connecting with God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, is there an area you could grow in?
How might you do this?