Driving on the Right Road

The invisible powers of our western world move us on, like cars driving to the city in the morning commute. Our thinking, our efforts, our desires are steered towards seeking things like:
Financial security and wealth. A house in a ‘good’ neighbourhood. On-trend labelled clothes. The latest phone. ‘Good’ education. Overseas holidays. A ‘top of the range’ car. Many ‘likes’ on social media. Being ‘beautiful’. Working in an ‘important’ job. Being well-known and respected. Being ‘better’ than others.

The Apostle Paul had the equivalent of these in his day, and after meeting Jesus he came to the conclusion it was all worthless. For him, it added nothing to who he really was compared to who he was in Christ (Phil 3:7-11).

It’s easy to nod in agreement with Paul’s sentiment, and yet we continue to be pulled along by these other goals and desires. We do mental gymnastics to convince ourselves we can have it all – both the ‘toys’ and a good relationship with God.

But, as Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters. One will serve the other. So, it’s good to ask ourselves every now and then: Am I still on the right road?

Have a good Easter,

Glen Morris