Engaging with the whole Bible

At our recent Navigators National Gathering Mutua Mahiaini strongly encouraged us to engage deeply with the whole Bible. He asked us when we last read through the Bible. This challenged me and so I have decided to use one night each week to read the Bible. I started last week.

This morning in our time with God Juliet and I were reading in Acts and found a reference to a passage in the book of Joel. We both reflected it had been some time since we had read the minor prophets and decided to read these books in the Bible. I am eager to get started!

The way we read the Bible is just as important as taking time to be in the Bible. The 19th century evangelist, DL Moody, was asked how many times he had been through the Bible. Moody responded by saying the real issue was not how often he had been through the Bible but how often the Bible had been through him. May God help you to be in the Bible and for God’s truth to be in you.

For reflection
When was the last time you read through the whole Bible?
What is God impressing on you regarding your own engagement with the Bible?