Theme: Going to the Lost        Register Now

Speaker: Al and Iris Engler, US Nav Neighbours Leader

Venue: St Thomas of Canterbury School, Christchurch

Dates: Fri 20th September – Sun 22nd September

Cost: $85 for adults, $20 for children

What to Expect:

Ordinary people, in many walks of life, are joyfully leading integrated lives. They live as fruitful insiders among the lost” (from Nav Vision)

During the weekend we will focus on…

Going beyond scattering seeds and sharing faith stories with friends. What does it take for people move to become citizens of the kingdom of God and what is our role in this?

Going with God – What does it look like to be ‘joyfully leading integrated lives’ in our culture and life stage? What enables us to cooperate with God, and to live sustainably out of the overflow of His Spirit in us?

Going together – How do we labour together as missional communities in a culture that is deeply individualistic? How do we team with those closest to us, including spouses and flatmates?

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