Going deeper with God – overflowing to others

Have you noticed that expressions of abundance and joy in the Bible do not depend on people’s life circumstances? Covid-19 has caused upheaval in our lives, our communities, our economy and our world. More than ever we and those around us need the life and abundance the comes from Jesus. At this year’s Navigators National Gathering we will be inspired to go deeper with God and to see afresh how this abundance found in Jesus overflows into the lives of those around us.

COVID-19 Update:

Unfortunately we have had to make the tough decision to cancel this year’s National Gathering. We have not taken this decision lightly and appreciate it will be disappointing for both attendees and our planning teams, who have been working hard on this face to face event.

Our decision reflects the current uncertainty around COVID-19 and our desire as an organisation to support the steps being taken to stamp it out. We had been hoping the COVID-19 situation would be clearer, unfortunately this is not the case. It is possible, and some think likely, that we will still be at Level 2 during the National Gathering.

We took into consideration that:

1) COVID-19 limits gatherings to 100 people. We already have 115 people registered with the potential for more to register before the event.  We want to uphold any size limits while not reducing our numbers or using work arounds.

2) Bringing together people from across the country, especially Auckland, and re-dispersing them is against current COVID-19 advice. This situation is likely to create anxiety for National Gathering attendees from both Auckland and the rest of the country.

3) It takes a lot of planning, preparation and work to hold the National Gathering. We feel it is more respectful to our contributors to be decisive now rather than asking them to prepare under the ongoing uncertainty. In addition, many of our contributors come from Auckland and under current restrictions they would be unable to attend.

Thank you for supporting our National Gathering. We apologise to those who have booked flights and will lose this investment. For those who have paid registration fees, or made donations, we will be in touch to provide refunds shortly.

We are aiming, God willing, to be back in 2021 with an in person National Gathering