Going deeper with God – overflowing to others

Scarcity rather than abundance more often describes our life experience. Yet Jesus promised his followers life to the full and David described his experience of God in terms of abundance, delight and joy. Is this experience of God reserved for a select few, or is this also for everyday believers with jobs, families and numerous demands in their time and energy? How do we cultivate depth with God in the midst of competing demands?

COVID-19 Update:

The National Gathering planning teams started carrying out contingency planning for the 2020 National Gathering early in March. If this year’s National Gathering is cancelled, a full refund of registration fees paid will be made. At this stage it is too early to make a decision regarding the viability of this year’s National Gathering in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Introducing our main speaker, Claire
Since 1991, Claire and her husband, Ken, have lived and served in the Middle East.  They have one son living with them at home, and two sons and a daughter-in-law living in Canada. This summer they welcome their first grandson into their all-boy family!

In 1997, Ken started a business as a means to remain in the country where they live in the Middle East, and to have a vibrant and authentic ministry among the lost.  Today Claire and Ken work in the business together.  While it is their desire to see the business make an authentic and sustainable contribution to society, their heartbeat is for it to have a kingdom impact on people and the community around them. Ken and Claire long to see a vital movement of the Gospel, fueled by prevailing prayer, flowing freely through relational networks (both at work and in their community) and out into the nation where they live…

Claire and Ken know what it’s like to be busy. They also live and work in a spiritually dry place where response to Jesus often takes many years. Claire has learnt to cultivate depth with God in the midst of busyness and limited apparent fruitfulness. Out of her life and passion for the Lord, Claire will help us explore the abundance God offers us and how this overflows from our lives into the lives of others.


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