National 20s/30s Weekend


Woodend Christian Camp, Christchurch


August 18-20


$99 (cost of airfare/ travel to Christchurch not included)

Real Life

How to be Human

What does it mean to be truly human? Who are humans in relation to God and the gospel? If 'Real Life' is knowing God (John 17:3), what, then, is a life well-lived? How does this new life impact my day to day life and relationship? How does it affect how I approach work?

Join us for Real Life Gathering 2023 where our speaker, Luke Medina from the Australian Navigators, will unpack what it looks like to embrace rather than rail against our limitations and how to live 'Real Life' in light of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

What to Bring: Bible, pen, notebook, sleeping bag, sports clothes, towel, toiletries

What to Expect: Great speaking and teaching, great food, fun activities, worship, workshops that meet you where you're at, and a relaxing vibe with friends

Transport:Transport to and from Christchurch and Woodend Camp will be provided

National 20s/30s Gathering 2023

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