The Navigators is part of the broader Christian community, sharing an essentially orthodox Christian faith.

Within this we have some specific areas that we focus on, so that we make our targeted contribution for the sake of the broader body.

Our Internationally shared Calling Statement states our vision as:

“To advance the Gospel of Jesus and his kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of labourers living and discipling among the lost.”

We have many ways of talking about what we do, but essentially they cover the following areas:

1. Called to follow Jesus.

We believe that Jesus opens the door to a radically new type of life, and that we can begin to experience this right now. Central to all that we’re on about is this person Jesus, and what’s important in this faith journey is not where you start, but rather what direction you’re moving in. Following Jesus is the baseline focus of what we promote.

2. Sent to be Workers for God’s Kingdom.

When God took hold of our lives, bringing us from death to new life, that was Good News for us. However, we discover soon enough that we we’re not called to be just consumers and beneficiaries of this Good News but, like Jesus, we too have been sent to be workers for God’s Kingdom, bringing Good News to others. In our Navigator work, we seek to provide both the vision and practical skills that help people be workers for God’s Kingdom right where they are.

3. Discipling life to life

God’s ultimate communication with humanity was not in the form of a DVD, a T-Shirt, a text message, a Facebook page or an App. Rather, God connected with the world through a person: Jesus Christ. And just as He lived amongst those He sought to help, so He called us to do the same. A foundational idea we hold to in ‘how’ we do things is this: the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom is passed from life to life. In all we do, we seek to help people share all of their lives with others so that they too can learn to follow Jesus in all areas of their lives.

4. With Generations in mind

God has given us the opportunity to make a lasting contribution in a way that is worth more than all the gold medals, memorial statues, and bulging bank accounts put together. We can be part of the Story of God, making an eternal contribution in God’s Kingdom as we simply help one or two people in their walk with the Lord in a way that they are able to then also help someone else. It does require some intentionality, focus and vision, but it isn’t rocket science: being a Kingdom Worker with generations in mind is within reach of us all. In The Navigators, central to what we’re on about is raising up spiritual generations of Kingdom workers.