He welcomes the failing humble

There is a small number of things that I stake my life on. One of these is the immense capacity of the Lord to forgive people – even really bad people.

King Manasseh of Judah is one example. He was evil. He walked away from God and experimented with anything and everything, including sacrificing his own children in the fire. The Lord spoke to him, but he paid no attention, so God sent the Babylonians to capture and exile Manasseh and the people.

It seems he got what he deserved. But that’s not the end of the story. In his distress he “humbled himself greatly” before God. Amazingly, the Lord was deeply “moved” by this and restored him. (2 Chronicles 33:10-13)

If Manasseh can be saved, anybody can be! For all of us who stumble and fall; for all who make mistakes and bad decisions; for all who believe no-one could ever love us if they knew how bad we really were… for all such people there is hope: the gracious Lord of the Universe welcomes all the failing humble.

That’s good news to stake your life on.