Anchors hold boats in position and become especially important when conditions deteriorate. We all find ourselves in uncertain times and in need of something firm and secure to be anchored to. The writer of Hebrews tells us we have an anchor for our souls that goes right into heaven and into God’s presence. This anchor is not affected by the conditions swirling around us.   

We are encouraged to ‘take hold’ of this firm and secure anchor. The part of the anchor-set we hold on to is the chain or the rope at our end. We can be sure that the actual anchor is secure with God, he is not going to let it go!   

It seems the chain we hold on to are the promises God makes to us. How do we do this? Firstly we can’t hold on to what we don’t know, we need to find these promises in the bible. We then make them our own by thinking about them (perhaps memorising them), praying them to God and holding up our end of the promise. As we take hold of God’s promises we discover God and his promises are taking hold of us, and becoming for us an anchor for our soul.  

For reflection
What promises are you holding on to?