I Will Be With You

“I will be with you” is the ultimate response to our concern; “I can’t do this?” Have you said or thought; “There must be someone else, someone more experienced, more intelligent, more eloquent.”

I will be with you reveals the truth that it’s not about who I am that makes the difference, it’s who goes with me that matters. When we consider the character and power of God who goes with us, the sky is the limit regarding what is possible. I sometimes pray and imagine slipping my hand into God’ hand, much like a child with a parent for reassurance and security.

As we think about being equipped to be God’s workers, hearing and believing God say, “I will be with you”, is a great place to start. This is the most important thing. It was for people like Abraham, Sarah, Mosses, Joshua, Solomon, and Jesus’ disciples. It took some of these people time to believe and do what God asked, which can encourage us when we think, “Who, me?”


Simon Cayzer
National Director