In your light we see light

Friends have expressed shock, anxiety, pain and anger to the terrorist attacks in Christchurch. What does this mean for the future?

God’s Spirit and God’s Word are both a comfort and a “compass” in situations like this, orientating us to God and his promises. It’s sobering to think that the shooter believed his actions were “right” according to his view of the world. Without a “compass” for life what seems right to someone may be abhorrent to society and to God.

What truths from the Bible are informing your perspective and conversations? Genesis 6:5-6 reveals that God’s heart was filled with pain on Friday, something God has experienced many times. Psalm 36 has helped me understand the character of those who do evil and has directed my focus onto God’s character and his lavish promises.

This morning two Jehovah Witnesses knocked on my door. They shared their “script” and I offered Biblical truths informing my perspective. Their visit reminded me about the importance of reaching out to people around us with the Good News God has made known to us.

For reflection
Who could you reach out to at this time?
What is God teaching you and who could you share this with?