More than a little bit pregnant

It would have been fascinating to be a fly on the wall when Mary said to Joseph, “Honestly, I haven’t slept with anyone. But I may be a little bit pregnant…”

At Christmas, we celebrate God showing total commitment to mankind by becoming one of us. This was greater commitment than vague ‘I hope it works out for you’ well-wishes, or a ‘like’ or a smiley face on a Facebook post. This was full-bodied immersion into our plight.

I like nuances – subtle shades of grey. But with some things, you can’t avoid black and white. Mary wasn’t just a little bit pregnant. Jesus wasn’t kind of like God. And this Jesus didn’t call us to follow him just when the weather was good and we felt up to it.

God’s absolute commitment and love for us awaits our response. This Christmas, let’s log out, unplug, and find a way to spend time with the One whose love for us is as strong as death. And is as strong as a Christmas birth.


Glen Morris