Our cat has no pockets

I watched our cat wandering around the other day. It struck me how self-contained it is. It has no pockets, no bag, nothing extra. In the winter it grows a bit more fur for warmth, and in the summer it loses it (all over the furniture). And someone else provides the food! Wherever it goes, it has everything it needs, all the time. How freeing it must be…

By contrast, it feels as though we’ve been persuaded that we need lots of stuff, all the time, just in case. We need product Y to go with the product X that we already have. Soon enough we need product X version2. And on it goes. We need big pockets and a very large bag.

But not so for Jesus’ disciples. In John ch13-17, Jesus gives final instructions to his disciples before he is about to be arrested. He leaves them with no uniform, no organisation chart, no office building, no bank account. Instead, he tells them that the Holy Spirit, the living word and one another are all they need. And if anything else is required, God would provide it at the right time.

Today, this is just as true for us. If God’s Spirit lives in us, if we have the Bible speaking to us, and if we have one another, then we have everything we need for the risky journey of faith that God calls us to. Anything else, He will provide as required.

Maybe it’s time to check our bag and pockets.

Glen Morris