Simon & Juliet Cayzer

National Director

Tēnā tatou katoa. Juliet and I live just out of Ashhurst near Palmerston North. Our two children, Andrew and Rebecca, now live and work in other cities. Juliet and I met the Navigators while studying at Massey University and both benefited a great deal from the practical help, friendship and community we experienced during our student years. In life we seek to pass these things on to others as we have opportunity.

Prior to stepping into the National Director role, I was Head of Fergusson Hall of Residence for Massey students, a role I enjoyed for 17 years. I also work occasionally as a mediator, something I enjoy a great deal.

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Des & Mercia Barton

Town and Country

Farming has been our life. It was on the farm that Des came to faith and together we began our journey with God that continues today. While on the farm up north we encountered people involved in The Navigators and have been involved ever since. The contribution that God has given us is taking to Gospel to friends and acquaintances and as they come to faith, discipling them to become life long followers of Jesus. We have seen God at work in this way through our children and grandchildren, they in turn being used in the lives of others. Having sold the farm, we now give much of our time to visiting, encouraging and equipping people in The Navigators rural network across the New Zealand countryside.

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Selene Chew

Wellington Community

GOD seems to bless my ministry of discipling individual women who then disciple others, and by being salt & light among many friends in the neighbourhood.

Selene and her late husband, Jim Chew, have served with the Navigators since 1963. The Lord has given Selene and Jim a wide ministry as leaders and mentors in the Asia Pacific Region.

Peter & Annette Beavon


We live in Christchurch, where we are fortunate to have our three married children still living close by. We have been involved with leadership of the student ministry, then a Christchurch graduate community and are helping to prepare and equip young people who feel God is leading them into cross-cultural mission, either overseas or among internationals in New Zealand.

We serve on the City Leadership Team and the National Leader Development Team as well as mentor among the next generation. We are passionate about the role of missional community in developing faithful disciples of Jesus and spreading his love to others.

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Lynton & Philippa Brocklehurst


We have been on Navigator staff since the 1970’s working at various times with students, graduates, couples, families and the marginalized.

We currently have broad involvement in the Navigator movement in Christchurch helping people reflect more deeply about God, themselves and the people around them. We mentor individuals and couples, plan events, provide hospitality and host visitors. We serve on the National Leadership team, the Christchurch City Team and the National Leader Development team. Lynton is involved with the Settlers ministry, working with recovering addicts and former prisoners.

We also love connecting with and serving the people around us in our neighbourhood, among Lynton’s biking buddies and in Philippa’s music teaching community.

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Ben and Dee Burnell


Ben was introduced to The Navigators in 2005 when he was studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury.  Dee got involved with The Navigators two years later at the beginning of Teacher’s College and Ben was her small group leader that year.  In 2009, Ben was an intern with The Navigators and the couple got married.  Now they are leading The Navigators work in Hamilton.  Their primary focus is supporting individuals in the areas and communities God has placed them in and helping these people live out their faith.  Ben is actively involved with the Hamilton Brass Band, Dee teaches part time and they have four young children.

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Stowe & Sarah Campbell

Christchurch - University Students

We are student staff at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch since November of 2015. We and our three sons moved to New Zealand from Eugene, Oregon where we ran the Navigator ministry at the University of Oregon. In total, Sarah and I have been working with students for over a decade now. We love the opportunity to come alongside students and help them figure out things with God, life, and everything in between. The years spent at university shape a person for the rest of their life so we believe this to be a valuable time. This work has been a real blessing for us over the years and we’re very excited to continue in this capacity at UC. We also have a heart for those who do not know Christ and work to find new opportunities to engage with them so they would encounter the Savior. In addition, we serve on the Christchurch City Team while also occupying positions on campus at the UC Rec Centre (Sarah), as an associate chaplain (Stowe) and Stowe is also the Director of the Navigators Biblical Studies program (USA).

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John and Liz MacClure

Settlers Connect

Tena koutou, tena koutou, katoa—greetings to all. We live in Christchurch and are currently house sharing with our son and daughter-in-law. Most of our family live close by and we treasure visits from our wonderful grandkids.

We’ve been involved with the Navigators since 1973. Our passion is to help people on the margins of life find and follow Jesus Christ and to experience increasingly that God is with them. They are not alone. In the 1990s, with the help of faithful co-workers, Settlers Connect began to develop communities of belonging where people could heal, change and grow. As the team coordinator, I (Eliza) work with the Settlers Connect team. Together we respond to many different opportunities and needs, explore and read the bible with seekers and new Christians, offer life coaching & counselling, community meals and connection times through TED talks, and make regular prison visits. We long to be known as ‘the rebuilder of walls and restorer of homes.’ (Isaiah 58)

I (John) also work as the NZ Navigators National Administrator, a part-time role I’ve held since 2000. I’m responsible for finances and reporting, administration, and day to day running of the Navigators office.

Roger & Wanaka Clibborn

Rural Canterbury

By His grace we are still living out what we’ve learned about Knowing Christ and Making Him Known, now with our extended family in rural Canterbury, as well as working with international dairy farm workers, factory workers and students through teaching ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses. We continue as Associate Staff and part of the wider Navigators community.

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UC iEDGE team

University of Canterbury Student Ministry
Top Row: Ben and Abbey
Bottom Row: Paige and Nick

This is the first American iEDGE team that has moved to serve in Christchurch. The new team arrived in December 2019 and will be working with the Navigators for the next two years. They have a deep love for God and a passion to help university students know Him. Currently serving in the team are Nick, Abbey, Paige and Ben.

Liana Flanagan

National 20s/30s Ministry

I live with my husband, Hamish, and three young children in Christchurch. I have a part-time role with The Navigators as a Mobile Graduate Alongsider. I also serve on the National Leadership Development Team and on the Navigate production team. Hamish and I got involved with The Navigators during our student days at the University of Canterbury and were deeply impacted by both our time in the campus ministry and by having Navigator mentors walk alongside us for the past 15 years. We lived in Canada for 11 years, serving as part-time campus staff with the Canadian Navigators for four of those years and in other voluntary roles during that time.

I am passionate about coming alongside people in their 20s and 30s, helping them to figure out how to thrive in relationship with Jesus and live on mission among the people in their everyday lives.

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Kristina Wagner

Auckland - Students

Hello, my name is Kristina and I live in Auckland where I work mainly with university students. I met The Navigators at the University of Nebraska in the States back in 2010. God used The Navigators in my life to help me grow in the Scriptures and knowing Jesus more personally. It was at uni where I grew a conviction and became passionate about making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20). I have been serving with The Navigators in Auckland since 2016 and I have a passion to see students come to know Jesus, grow in their knowledge and love for Him, and help them share about Jesus with the people they know.

Allan & Maureen Goulstone


We met The Navigators as a young Christian couple and have been on staff since 1970, serving amongst students, in administration (Allan), in community ministry with graduate couples and their families throughout the South Island, in Church Discipleship ministry in New Zealand and Singapore, and with internationals living in New Zealand (Maureen). Though born and coming to faith in the North Island, Christchurch became our home in 1973. Currently we are encouraging disciple making in our church and with individuals.

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AKL iEdge Team

Auckland - Pasifika and University Student Ministry

This is the second American iEDGE team that has moved to serve in Auckland. The new team arrived in January 2018 and will be working with the Navigators for the rest of this year. They have a deep love for God and a passion to help university students know Him. Currently serving in the team are Ethan and Sharon

Bethany Wilson

Palmerston North - Graduates

I started interning with the Navigators in Palmerston North in 2020. I’m working primarily with recent grads and international postgraduate students. I love meeting people, sharing the Gospel with them, and living it out. I’m so excited this year because I have more time to invest in the lives of seekers and new believers through discipleship. I’m very passionate about sharing faith with international students, because they often have no idea who Jesus is and are often hungry for truth. They also have the ability to take the Gospel back home to places I could never reach. As well as this, I am part of leading the Navigators graduates group in Palmy. I am also getting a lot out of the training and development part if the internship and I feel very well supported in my role.

Drew and Kirsty McLeod

Palmerston North - University Students

We have been involved in ministry with students off and on since 2005. Having met on a website for singles who want to do ministry together (yes those exist!), serving God together has always been at the centre of our relationship. After working in teaching English as a second language (Drew), coordinating student life events on Massey University’s campus (Kirsty), and living abroad in South Asia (Drew & Kirsty), we are loving newly-wed life and discipling and sharing faith with those around us. We both have a strong passion to tell people about Jesus who wouldn’t otherwise have access to him and are currently enjoying engaging in faith conversations with students on Massey’s Palmerston North campus.

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Glen and Ann-Marie Morris

Asia Pacific-Leadership Team

Talofa lava! I live in Tauranga with my wife, Ann-Marie, and we have four kids. I’ve been working with The Navigators for more than 20 years now and I love my job. I am on the Asia-Pacific Leadership Team. Together this team leads and serves the various Navigators works throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Amongst other things, I enjoy helping people connect the Good News story of the Bible with their everyday lives, as well as helping them understand themselves and their world better so that they can make their unique God-given contribution to the world.

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Sharon Paine

National Communications

I am based in Wellington and have been involved with The Navigators since 1997 when I married Mike. We have two sons Jack and Josh as well as Mike’s daughter Shannan. For the last 15 years I’ve worked in government in project management and change leadership roles; I spend a lot of time influencing others and organising.

God has gifted me with administration, faith and wisdom and it’s taken me a while to get a handle on this – I loved the idea of faith but I didn’t want administration (I wanted to be a leader) and I didn’t feel wise. Understanding my gifts has helped me to see how I can serve God. I feel called to work as an insider: role modelling my Christian values and sharing my faith when I can!

To this end, I joined the National Leadership Team in 2017 where I enjoy using my work experience in strategy development, communications and project management to support Simon’s leadership and contribute to the future of The Navigators. I also lead Communications for The Navigators. My vision is to enable us all to easily access tools that we can then use to live out our Navigators vision.

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Franziska Plimmer

Christchurch - University Students

I started getting involved with The Navigators in 2015 at the University of Canterbury where I studied a Bachelor of Commerce. In 2018 after graduating I started a part time Navigator Student Internship which involves meeting up with students to direct their lives more towards Christ, being involved in Bible studies and also getting some personal development. In 2019 I will be increasing my hours to full time and I am super excited to have more time to pour into the work. I will also be living in a Navigators community flat which will be a place for students to come and a place where we can host meals and events.

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Prakash Primulapathi

Graduate Mobile Alongsider

Hi there! I’ve been involved with The Navigators in Christchurch since my first year of university in 2010 and have been working as an Engineer since 2014. I have been on staff with The Navigators, supporting and mentoring recent graduates throughout the country as a mobile alongsider since 2016. I have really loved the role of being a storyteller and have a strong passion to see people be effective labourers in their contexts.

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Mike & Audrey Shamy

International Associate

I live in Auckland with my wife Audrey.  We are very fortunate to have our adult children and 8 grandchildren also in Auckland.  We have been involved with The Navigators for over 40 years in a variety of roles.  In the early days both of us focused on discipling students and then young graduates before leading the New Zealand Navigators between 1989-1997.

In 1999 we moved to the United States to pioneer new ministries to the major cities and to serve on the US National Leadership Team.

Between 2005-2018 we served as part of the International Executive Team initially based in the International Office in Colorado before moving back to New Zealand in 2007.

Today, my focus is on encouraging, equipping and resourcing leaders and labourers for generational ministry in New Zealand and internationally.

We remain deeply committed to what first attracted us to The Navigators Movement: ‘knowing Christ , making him known and helping others do the same among those in all the nations who are yet to know the love of Christ.’

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Tim & Leah Simpson

Christchurch - University Students

We have been involved in leading and discipling the students at the University of Canterbury since 2013.  We were both involved in this ministry as students and this is how we met in 1999.  Many years later, after careers as a High School Teacher (Tim) and in Politics (Leah), travelling the globe, living abroad and 3 kids coming along, we are enjoying the challenges we experience everyday as we share Jesus with those around us.  We are both involved in mentoring and we have a passion for seeing students come to maturity in Christ and competently handling the Bible.  We also serve on the National Leadership Team shaping the future of The Navigators in New Zealand.

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Graeme & Di Sterne


Hi, Di and I live in One Tree Hill, Auckland not far from our two children, their spouses and five grandchildren. We met The Navigators in the 1970s and have been motivated ever since to love God and love people. My career has been in the tertiary sector so I naturally gravitate towards helping students come to know Christ and to follow Him. Di’s network is among friends and family. God has been bringing people from many nations to New Zealand so we feel a special calling to make disciples among the nations who have come here and especially in the Pacific nations. We have connections among international students, people of different ethnicities living in Auckland and in the Pacific Islands. Many years ago God spoke Zechariah 8:23 into my life “… ten men from the nations of every tongue shall take hold of the robe of a Jew saying, ‘Let us go with you for we have heard that God is with you.’” We are currently involved with people from more than ten nations.

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Brian & Amy Wachter

Auckland - Pasifika Students

Greetings! Amy and I, along with our four wonderful children, live in Auckland. We have been on staff full time with The Navigators for 13 years and have been involved with Navigators for over 20 years. We served as Campus Directors for the Iowa State Navigators ministry in the U.S. before transitioning to our current role of encouraging and fostering disciple-making movements throughout the South Pacific. Our local focus is on developing future kingdom leaders among Pasifika students in Auckland. Our passion is to see God use us to raise up and multiply labourers for the harvest.

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