Walking with God is not a walk in the park

I’ve always thought the idea of ‘walking with God’ sounded like a very dignified and graceful thing to do.

But then I realised that walking with God implies two things: 1. You are on the move; and 2. God is leading. If God is leading, then just as he did with many people in the Bible, he will more than likely take you off the smooth track. He will lead you through places where you’re not in control – places where your failings are exposed, and you realise you don’t have what it takes to successfully complete the journey by yourself. This walk with God will be more embarrassing and painful than dignified and graceful.

But when you’re lost in the valley of the shadow of death, you need help from Someone who can show you the way and lead you out. So… to walk with God is the best thing in the world! But it’s certainly not a walk in the park.


Glen Morris