About Us

Who are the Navigators of New Zealand?

We are Kiwi’s of every age and at every stage of life.  We are from all over the country and we are doing our best to follow Jesus in every area of our lives.  In saying that, none of us are perfect and this walk of faith can be a tough one!  But the great news is that we are all free to learn and grow.

The Navigators is an extremely relational organisation.  We love getting alongside people to talk about our faith.  This can be done over a coffee, around a BBQ or in a small group.

Our Navigator movement includes a small number of awesome staff, but mostly we are made up of a network of amazing volunteers who live in cities, towns and rural communities throughout the country. We are united by a common vision across all Navigator groups across the world and a shared history tracing all the way back to Dawson Trotman in the 1930s.

Please have a look at our resources section where you’ll find some material to help you on your faith journey.

We would love to connect with you so we encourage you to contact us here.