If you want someone to learn something really important, the best way to do it is to get alongside them… to talk to them, to show them, to be with them. Life to life!

But that doesn’t mean you have to try and do this all off the top of your head. Often, having some good resources to interact over can really help.

Here are some resources we have put together that can help you grow in your walk with God AND that you can use to help others grow in their walk.

The Backpack is a resource to help you with some basics for the spiritual journey ahead, and contains 3 sections: Things you need to know, Things to help you relate to God, and Things to help you relate to others. This could be good to work through with another person

Small Group Studies are – not surprisingly – a collection of Studies we have created for use in small group settings. These include studies on life issues, Bible characters, and books of the Bible.


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