If you want someone to learn something really important, the best way to do it is to get alongside them, to talk to them, to show them, to be with them. Life to life! But that doesn’t mean you have to try and do this all off the top of your head. Often, having some good resources to interact over can really help.

Here are some resources we have put together that can help you grow in your walk with God AND that you can use to help others grow in their walk.


Like any good trip, you’d want to know where you are going, you’d want some travelling companions to go with you, and you’d want to have the right skills and equipment to get you there safely. And you would carry some of these things in a backpack.


In our walk with Jesus through this life, there are many questions that arise. Which way do I go now? How do I deal with situations as they arise? The On the Journey study is a series of short studies to be used by yourself, to help someone else on the journey, or even in a small group of friends address questions like these on this faith journey that we are on with God

We regularly upload talks and content to our YouTube Channel. Below is a selection of the latest videos on our channel

We have a regular blog, Equipped to Go, written by Simon, our National Director,  which focuses on encouraging us in our day to day journey of faith.

The Navigate Newsletter is a quarterly publication that aims to equip and share what's been happening in the New Zealand Navigators Network.