The Navigators recognize that your 20s and 30s can be a challenging time in life. These years encompass much transition as you navigate your career and many life choices. Join us as we seek to be ordinary people who meet, love, and serve God and others in the daily rhythms and challenges of everyday life.

Our 4 Pursuits



Thriving and growing in relationship with God as committed disciples of Jesus



Participating in God's redemptive work in the world through our vocation



Living intentionally on mission as workers for God's kingdom next door to everywhere



Discipling individuals to become people who will make disciples that lead to spiritual generations

We recognize that your 20s and 30s can be challenging. These years encompass much transition as you navigate career and many life choices.  Join us as we seek to be ordinary people who meet, love and serve God and others in the daily rhythms and challenges of everyday life.  

Helping people in their 20s/30s to know Christ, make Him known and help others do the same by making disciples where they live, work, and play . . . engaging their co-workers, neighbours, and friends with the gospel.


The transition from university to the workplace can be challenging and The Navigators seek to journey alongside recent graduates and people in their 20s and 30s as they establish themselves in the workplace, in neighbourhoods and in churches.  Amid the busyness of life, work, commuting, relationships and family, the Navigators come alongside young people to help them become lifelong Kingdom labourers: men and women who will fruitfully multiply their faith where ever God has placed them.  This takes place through mentoring and regular gatherings.

In Christchurch there is a 6-weekly meeting on Sunday afternoons.  Contact: Prakash Primulapathi

In Palmerston North, we have a group that meets weekly for Bible Study on Thursday nights. Contact: Bethany Wilson

In Auckland, the network meets monthly for support, encouragement and resourcing.  Contact: Brian and Amy Wachter

National 20s and 30s Stream Leader: Liana Flanagan