So what exactly do the Navigators ‘do’?

The Navigators are about helping people follow Jesus in all the places they go, in all the different stages of life, and with all the people they live amongst.  But for us, it’s not enough to just help them with their own walk with God; we want to equip and encourage them to help others walk this life of faith too.

All over NZ, the Nav’s are building relationships with people from all walks of life: students, immigrants, mums, corporates, people in prison – anyone who is interested in learning more about living purposefully.

So what does that actually look like?

  • We spend time discipling people one-on-one
  • We run small groups
  • We develop leaders
  • We hold events in encourage, equip and connect people
  • We provide resources
  • We connect people as they move cities
  • We talk to people who don’t believe in God, inviting them to explore Jesus and His Good News

We live in a fast changing world and we need to keep adapting, but there will remain some things that don’t change: the Nav’s commitment to getting the good news out to where people are, and the sharing of our lives so that this good news can take hold in the lives of others and can be ‘caught’ by future generations.