Daring to Share

If you are like me it takes courage to talk about Jesus, even a small comment that identifies us with Christ. We are in good company. The Apostle Paul reflected to the Thessalonians that it was with help from God that he ‘dared’ to tell them the Good News about Jesus. I think the danger for me is to either shrink back from expressing my faith in Jesus, or try to do this on my own. The good news for us is that God’s Spirit can prompt and empower us as we ‘dare’ to share about Jesus with others.

Last weekend Juliet and I enjoyed visiting some friends. After a recent conversation over dinner with our friends about Jesus, I had been praying for an opportunity to talk more. As natural openings appeared in our conversation I needed to take small leaps of faith to share a personal experience about Jesus, ask a question and offer a reflection from the Bible.

I take great encouragement from the realities that God will empower us by His Spirit as we dare to share about Jesus, that the Message of Jesus is powerful and able to change lives, and that the Holy Spirit will bring about deep conviction in the lives of those who welcome His Message.

For reflection
Think of friends/colleagues/neighbours/family who don’t know Jesus.
What might a ‘daring’ conversation about Jesus look like with these friends? Ask God to lead and empower you as you ‘dare to share’.