It could have been easier

It’s a teenage pregnancy, and the fiancée isn’t the father. The birth happens in a farm ‘lean-to’ rather than in a good family home with the best of midwifery care. The baby lies wrapped in cloths in a feeding trough, rather than in suitable babywear in a new basinet. The angels announce this ‘centre of history’ moment to low paid, unreliable shepherd farm hands, rather than to the political rulers and large crowds. And this young family runs for their lives from a murderous king jealous of this new baby.

It could have been easier. Just saying.

Why was this all so difficult and dangerous? Surely God, when planning this, might have made it easier and safer. Jesus’ arrival on earth was so rough and risky. But whatever else it was, this was part of God’s commitment to be Immanuel, ‘God with us’.
There are many times I would like God to change my circumstances, to make things a little easier. But God didn’t make things easier for Jesus, and He did okay. So, maybe God wont make things easier for me, BUT He is absolutely committed to walking ‘with me’ in the rough, risky and uncomfortable moments. And if we are walking together, He promises it will be okay for me too.
I’m happy with that Christmas present.

Glen Morris