Two Hands

Imagine your hands held out in front of you. Focusing on one hand represents looking at God and his word, while focusing on your other hand represents looking at your circumstances. We all experience times when God and his word fill our minds and hearts, perhaps when we gather with other believers to focus on God or take time out to be with God. There are other times when our circumstances eclipse our perspective.

Imagine moving one hand in front of the other. The hand closest to you fills your perspective, however you are still able to see your other hand through your fingers. If the hand held closest to you represents looking at God and his word you see your circumstances through the lens of Gods character and promises. If the hand representing your circumstances dominates your view your outlook on life will depend on what’s happening in and around you. You may also interpret God and his word through the lens of your circumstances.

Viewing our circumstances through the lens of God’s character and promises is urged and modeled in the Bible. Often this requires faith on our part, especially when God’s choices for us are not the ones we would make for ourselves.

For reflection

What helps you to see your life through the lens of God and his word?

If your circumstances currently dominate your perspective how might you bring God and his promises more into view?