Buoyed by Prayer

I returned from a trip to Canada and the US this week. During the 17 days I experienced significant help from God. I had wonderful opportunities to talk about Jesus and rich times of mutual encouragement with many fellow Navigators. A few key things worked together to create this. The first was being buoyed along by the prayers of others. It seems to me prayer and God’s Spirit facilitated meaningful connections with people and natural opportunities to share about Jesus. On one occasion a woman I met openly talked about her problems with God, with the Bible and with Jesus. I mostly listened. When she said, “Why isn’t Jesus here today?” I was led to say, “Jesus is right here with you, living in me.” This clearly had an impact on this person. I prayed for her for several days after this encounter. 
A second and related factor was my own dependence on Jesus, trust that He was with me and at work in the lives of the people I met. As I allowed myself to relax into this reality I seemed to notice His leading more and be aware of the times when I should speak, and the times to listen.
My third reflection is the importance of connecting deeply with people, which reflects how God relates to us. Towards the end of my visit I met with Jim Petersen whose writings and personal encouragement have inspired many people, including me. At 85 Jim continues to invest his time and life in people, including intentionally encouraging his 16 grandchildren. He expressed, “Life is about people…every hour I’ve invested in people has had its rewards”.
For reflection
Who is praying for you week by week? (We all need a prayer support team!)
What helps you to connect deeply with people?​