Little initiatives

The kingdom of Jesus grows as you and I take little initiatives to serve and love the people around us. This might be with family, flatmates, workmates, neighbours, friends or others we meet in the course of our daily lives. Jesus gave us the images of salt, light, yeast and fragrance to describe who we are in the world. These images portray challenges and encouragements.

One challenge is our willingness to stand out. Some initiatives come easily while others require courage, for example, admitting a mistake, saying sorry, or speaking up for someone less able. Another challenge is the willingness to let go of our own agenda and interests. Taking little initiatives to love and serve cost us something, whether our time, comfort, resources or even our reputation.

The encouraging thing is that small actions can make a big, and even eternal, difference. Greeting someone and taking an interest in their life, forgiving a colleague rather than retaliating or talking behind their back, going out of our way to help someone practically, sharing our resources generously. These and many other little initiatives bring visibility to the gospel of Jesus and play their essential part in leading people to Jesus.

For reflection
What little initiatives is God prompting you to take?