Reflecting and praying the Psalms

Where is your strength and encouragement coming from at this time? Listening to the news keeps me informed of Covid-19 developments, being in the bible connects me with God’s help and perspective. I am finding the Psalms to be a rich source of encouragement and stimulation in my relationship with God. 

When threatened the Psalmist takes refuge in God. One of the ways David expresses this is ‘taking refuge in the shadow of God’s wings’. As you reflect on this image what do you see and experience? You may see young birds enjoying comfort and safety under a parents wings. David may have imagined the two winged cherubim covering the whole inner sanctuary of the temple. Both images evoke a sense of security, of not being alone and of having a powerful protector. I imagine a quiet, calm place of refuge from outer turmoil.  

The most natural response to reflections like this is to pray. The Psalms teach us to pray honestly about our current situation, and to connect this with the reality of God. Taking the time to reflect and pray the Psalms deepens our experience of God in the midst of life. This is what we and our friends need at this time.