How deep are your foundations?

Several years ago I built a small building to house a composting toilet. My abiding memory of this experience is the effort to establish the foundation. The above ground building grew more quickly and with less effort than the foundation.

Jesus uses this analogy to urge us to build strong, deep faith foundations. Foundation building takes time and effort. Jesus tells us what this involves – hearing his words and putting them into practice. The fruit will be growth in character.

Foundations are also hidden with little to show outwardly for the work we put in to establish them. The quality of our foundation becomes visible when we experience challenges in life. Like a house built on sand, our lives can crumble under stresses in life. Only Jesus is a strong enough foundation for everything life can throw at us.

With this in mind we need to encourage each other in the important, hard and unseen work of foundation building.


Your response

What can you do to strengthen your faith foundations?

Who can you encourage to dig deep faith foundations?